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Our focus

Clean Start Systems understands that you have many responsibilities and demands on your time, and one of the last things you need is to have difficulties with your ignition interlock. This is why we have invested in developing the technology you can depend on. As a state and federally certified device, CSS can help you stay in compliance without the hassle of difficult blow methods, or false positives.
Ease of Use

No humming or inhaling during alcohol testing. Only one simple exhale.

Low Cost

At just $2/day, we offer the most affordable system on the market.

Best Service

We are committed to preserving dignity, respect, affordability, and safer roads for everyone.

Why Choose Us

Clean Start Systems, Inc. is an ignition interlock business headquartered in Portland, OR that has been operating since January 2011. We are committed to providing the most cost-effective services while maintaining confidential, reliable, and accurate testing. Our focus is the health and safety of the individual and those they encounter on the road.
Get the service and respect you deserve

You have a right to choose your ignition interlock provider, so shop around! We are confident that we will exceed all your expectations and earn your trust. We are committed to preserving dignity, respect, affordability, and safer roads for everyone.

  • Installation

    Dont wait for hours with other vendors. We can install in 1 hour.

  • Usability

    Modern color display and keypad make our device the easiest to use.

  • Monitoring

    Patented monitoring process minimizes time spent back in our office, which saves you money.

  • Performance

    Quickest to test in any condition, most reliable, and most accurate; we beat the competition, hands down.


In the United States, someone is injured in an alcohol-related accident every minute, and someone dies due to drunk driving every hour.

Business IID

The average alcohol-related traffic death in the U.S. cost $3.5 million, and drunk drivers cost a total of $114 billion annually in monetary and quality-of-life costs.

Family IID

Deaths due to drunk driving are 15 percent as common as deaths from natural disasters. Despite the efforts made by legislation and interest groups, the problem still persists.

Our Customers

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