July 22, 2017

Business IID

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In the United States, someone is injured in an alcohol-related accident every minute, and every 50 minutes someone dies because of drunk driving. Every dollar spent on substance abuse treatment has results up to tenfold for the community. Drunk driving is not only dangerous – it’s expensive as well. The average alcohol-related traffic death in the U.S. cost $3.5 million, and drunk drivers cost a total of $114 billion annually in monetary and quality-of-life costs. Preventing drunk driving has long been the target of special interest groups, legislation, and public service announcements, but the problem persists. Fortunately, there are new tools available to help ensure safer, more sober streets for everyone. Clean Start Systems, Inc. is a business based in Portland, OR that has developed products and services that solve the inherent problems in tracking and monitoring driving under the influence (DUII) offenders, while also providing online rehabilitation treatment services for those drivers who become chemically dependent. For our business clients, new technologies like our Ignition Interlocks can not only prevent an employee from receiving a DUI, but they can also assist in tracking and monitoring your vehicles to lower insurance liabilities, saving you unmeasurable time, worry, and money.