July 22, 2017

Family IID

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Every minute, someone is hurt in an alcohol-related accident in the United States, and every hour someone dies because of drunk driving. Out of the 30 percent of Americans who are involved in an alcohol-related crash at some point, 1 in 3 traffic-related deaths are because of drunk driving. Deaths due to drunk driving are 15 percent as common as deaths from natural disasters. Despite the efforts made by legislation and interest groups, the problem still persists. Fortunately, new tools are now available to help ensure safer, more sober roads for everyone. Clean Start Systems, Inc. is a business based in Portland, Oregon that produces products and services that solve several inherent problems in tracking and monitoring driving under the influence, while also providing online education and therapy treatment for those who have (or are at risk to become) chemically dependent.

There is nothing more important than protecting the ones you love. That is why we buy cars with good safety ratings and install alarm systems. We don’t mind paying a little more for organic produce or roadside assistance if it will keep our families healthy and safe. Some parents, however, have an immediate sinking feeling when their child obtains their first license and suddenly become more mobile. Perhaps you worry about peer pressure, teen drinking, or your child making friends in the wrong places. Fortunately, Clean Start Systems can helped parents with their worries. We have developed new safety technology to give you further peace of mind that your child, relative, or even you always operates your vehicle safely and responsibly. Our Alcohol Prevention Ignition Interlock Devices (APIID) have been designed to prevent a vehicle from starting if alcohol has been consumed. Families can also use our Secure Driving System to set boundaries, monitor driving speed, and request information such as blow photos and blow results. The outcome is the invaluable assurance that your loved ones are protected from the possibility of a costly and dangerous DUI offense, or worse, a drunk driving accident.