May 9, 2017

Ignition Interlock System

The Clean Start CSS 7000

Meet the Best In Class Ignition Interlock System

Clean Start Systems offers the best ignition interlock system on the market today. Not only are they the most affordable, but they are also the most accurate and easy to use. It’s sleek and modern design allow it to be easily concealed while in use.

Best Ignition Interlock
  • First of all, does not require inhale or humming during sample, only simple exhale
  • Most importantly, will not give false positives from tooth-pastes, non-alcoholic mouthwashes, or food
  • All because device operates using a dual-fuel cell technology, the best available in the market

Device Features:

Best Ignition Interlock
  1. Handset
  2. Expendable Mouthpiece
  3. Connecting indication lamp
  4. Charging indication lamp
  5. Menu button
  6. Connection wire for handset & control box
  7. GPS antenna
  8. Camera connector
  9. Cellular antenna
  10. Control box
  11. Speaker (Optional)
  12. Connection wire for control box and vehicle

What is a dual fuel cell and why is it better?

Clean Start Systems’ APIID is also equipped with a unique dart sensor dual fuel cell which senses alcohol. CSS dual fuel cell sensor technology has capabilities to improve the reliability and effectiveness of the analyzing process. As a result, if one sensor fails, the other fuel cell provides a reliable back-up system that allows the vehicle to start after a clean reading within your state mandated laws.

Best Ignition Interlock

“I switched to CSS from another ignition interlock company, and their device is so much easier to use. Anything to make this process easier was a relief. This is truly the best automotive interlock system for your money!”

How easy is the installation process?

We will assist you through this process quickly and responsibly. Clean Start Systems, your one-stop-shop, meets all of the court mandated requirements for DUII offenses. Our relationships with DUII treatment providers in Oregon enable installations while you attend appointments. Furthermore, CSS has seven convenient locations in the Pacific Northwest. Most notably, we can travel to you for your convenience for an additional fee.

The installation process is convenient, quick, and simple. Our base unit is installed under the dash of your car in approximately an hour, and the handset is easily concealed in the glove box or disconnected and taken with you. No damage is done to your vehicle and when removed, will be returned to its previous state guaranteed.